Ordinance 2513: Storage Of Inoperable Vehicles Shortened To Seven Days

Excluding Matchbox cars, a proposed law will lessen the time a non-working car can be stored on private property from two weeks to seven days.

Chapter 3-14.2 and 3-14.3 cover the storage of inoperable vehicles. The proposed change will affect 3-14.3, the duration that a car which no longer serves the purpose for which it was made, can stay on someone’s property.

The longstanding 14-day limit has been cut in half in order to help code enforcement with enforcing 3-14.2 to quicken the time it takes to process violations.

The law defines an inoperable vehicle as one with no tires, wheels, engine, or any essential parts – much like Del and Neil’s rental in “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” – or a car that shows extensive damage (again, the burned-up charcoal briquette in “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”) or one that does not have a current valid state inspection sticker or license plates.

In residential areas, one inoperable vehicle is allowed as long as it is stored in a garage or other manner that obscures it from public view.

Section 3-14.2 is included below:

3-14.2 Storage of Inoperable Vehicles.

  1. It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or permit the keeping of any motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer on any street or vacant parcel of land or in any area which:
    1. Is missing tires, wheels, engine or any essential parts;
    2. Displays extensive body damage or deterioration which renders it inoperable;
    3. Is wrecked, disassembled or partly disassembled; or
    4. Does not display a current valid State inspection sticker or license plates.
  2. Exception in Residential Areas.
    1. Storage of not more than one (1) inoperable vehicle shall be permitted, provided that it is stored in a fully-enclosed structure, an area enclosed by fence, landscaping or partition as to obscure sight from a public area and from adjacent residences or by use of a commercially designed and manufactured motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer cover.
    2. No person shall allow a vehicle properly kept to become by its presence an attractive nuisance or to be infested by vermin, insects or other pests, nor should such a vehicle be used for general or specific storage purposes.
  3. Exception for Car Dealers and Shops.
    1. Motor vehicles for sale by new and/or used car dealers on the proper premise; or
    2. Vehicles on properties in the business of repairing cars, possessing current valid State inspection sticker and license plates.

The ordinance is scheduled to have its public hearing and vote by the governing body on Thursday, February 15th at borough hall.

A copy of the ordinance is available below:

Download RP Ordinance 2513