Ordinance 2498: Reducing Glare From Lighting In Parking Lots

In order to not only address an existing issue with bright commercial lighting impacting a residence but to also prevent any such problems in the future, the governing body is proposing Ordinance 2498.

The proposed law change will require that all outdoor lighting shall be shielded to reduce glare and reflect lights away from all adjacent residences. Additionally, lighting should not interfere with the vision of drivers or pedestrians. Such lighting will be approved by the Construction Code Official prior to installation. There will be no grandfathering exemptions and all existing lighting will be required to comply.

Authorized borough and school district events are exempt from the restrictions.

Ordinance 2498 will have its public hearing and vote during the June 15th Mayor & Council meeting.

A copy of the ordinance is included below:

Download RP Ordinance 2498