Ordinance 2497: The Boarding-Up Of Buildings

A workshop discussion to address the unappealing appearance to unoccupied houses has resulted in an ordinance that will require the legal owners of vacant houses – along with other buildings – to securely board-up their properties to prevent intruders, wildlife, or deteriorating effects of adverse weather conditions.

Ordinance 2497 also requires that clear polycarbonate boarding materials be used to board up properties. The material is to be fully transparent affixed to the building so as so eliminate the exposure of the inside to exterior elements. Plywood will no longer be acceptable material and is expressly prohibited in the bill.

This change in the law will also apply to already vacant properties; there will be no grandfathering. Owners will need to remove plywood and comply with the requirement to board-up their properties with clear polycarbonate material.

Code Enforcement officers will have the authority to write violations and issue summonses. Once a violation is issued, owners will have a 14-day grace period to comply without being fined. After two weeks, a penalty of between $100 and $2,000 will be imposed and compounded daily.

Ordinance 2497 is set to be voted on by council after its public hearing at the June 15th Mayor & Council meeting.

A copy of Ordinance 2497 is included below:

Download RP Ordinance 2497