Ordinance 2496: Department Of Code Enforcement

Ordinance 2496, which will add responsibilities to the Code Enforcement Department, is a companion piece to Ordinance 2495. The hiring of a Director of Code Enforcement has led to a review of the position and department and resulted in updating the borough’s code book.

In addition to further defining the responsibilities and appointment of the Director of Code Enforcement, Ordinance 2496 will officially add 12 positions to the department. They are:

  • Building Subcode Official / Inspector
  • Control Person
  • Electrical Subcode Official / Inspector
  • Fire Subcode Official / Inspector
  • Plumbing Subcode Official / Inspector
  • Anti-Litter/Code Enforcement Officer
  • Apartment House Inspector
  • Building Inspector/Construction Official Trainee
  • Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Inspector
  • Multidwelling Administrator
  • Residential Tenancy Inspector
  • Clean Community Coordinator

Other language throughout the proposed law is deleted or amended to remove ambiguity with the responsibilities of the Code Enforcement Director.

Ordinance 2496 is scheduled to have its public hearing and vote at the June 15th Mayor & Council meeting.

Below is a copy of the ordinance:

Download RP Ordinance 2496