Ordinance 2490: Powers & Duties Of Council

There are laws on Roselle Park’s books that describe the powers and duties of the mayor (Chapter II, Article I, Section 2-3) and council president (Chapter II, Article I, Section 2-6) but, up until now, not for members of council. Ordinance 2490 is set to spell out the powers and duties of council to the Roselle Park Code Book, which are in line with the Borough-style of government that Roselle Park adheres to.

The responsibilities of council include the passing or repealing ordinances & resolutions, control the finances of the municipality, create offices, appoint officers, remove officers, investigate any activity of the municipality, and override a veto fo the mayor by a ⅔ majority of council. A veto occurs when the mayor returns an ordinance to council by delivering it to the Borough Clerk together with a statement setting forth his objections. The ordinance also states that council gains appointment power upon failure to confirm mayor’s appointee or after the office is vacant for 30 days.

An additional section requires that each member of council serve as a member of at least one standing committees and serve as a liaison to at least one of the various committees or entities established by the Borough.

The ordinance is scheduled to be discussed and voted on by council at the May 18th municipal meeting at the Roselle Park Municipal Complex located at 110 East Westfield Avenue. The meeting is to start a 7 p.m. and the ordinance will have a public hearing which will allow members of the public to comment and make inquiries on the bill with a time limit.

A copy of the ordinance is included below:

Download RP Ordinance 2490