Ordinance 2486: Issuance Of Permits To Change In Preferential Parking Zones

Council is expected to change how permits are issued for preferential parking zones within the borough.

Chapter 7, Section 17.1 of the Roselle Park borough code currently requires two (2) proofs of residency on a street that allows permit parking and allows for unlimited permits for each qualified residence to any qualified applicant.

Ordinance 2486 limits the number of permits allowed to one for every vehicle registration that bears the name of the applicant. Additionally, one proof of residency will be required that lists the street where permit parking is allowed along with a valid vehicle registration bearing the name of the applicant.

The ordinance is scheduled to have its second reading and vote by council at the May 4th Mayor & Council meeting at Roselle Park Borough Hall located at 110 East Westfield Avenue.

A copy of the ordinance is available below:

Download Ordinance 2486