Ordinance 2468: Increase Of Casano Center Rental Fee

Ordinance 2468 will increase the five-hour rental rate of the Casano Community Center by $50, which is a 20% increase. The significant difference between the new proposed law and the existing one, section 10-4.1, is that the $50 deposit will no longer be refunded. The additional hourly rate beyond the first five hours will remain the same.

The current law has a rate of $250 to rent the community center for up to five hours with a $50 deposit that is to be returned to the renter after inspection of property. The $50 is considered a security in case of any damage or excessive wear and tear to the facility during the rental period.

RP Borough Code 10-4.1

If Ordinance 2468 is voted into law, the $50 will no longer be refunded. Also, in reviewing the ordinance, there is no mention of any inspection of the center after use and what remedies are available to the municipality in case of damage or excessive wear and tear. The current rental application would need to be changed to remove wording that refers to the return of a security deposit and should include some statement addressing compensation for damage or misuse of the facility. Casano Center Director Rupen Shah stated that once the ordinance is adopted, a new form with new terms and conditions would be established.

Renters will still need to provide the municipality with Certificate of Liability Insurance in the minimal amount of $1,000,000.00 to use the facility for private functions.

Ordinance 2468 is scheduled to have its second reading at the August 18th Mayor & Council meeting. At that time there will be a public hearing as well as the vote from council to approve or reject the bill.

Below is a copy of the proposed new ordinance as well as the current rental application along with the original ordinance enacted in 2010:

Download File (PDF)

Download File (PDF)