Orchid Beauty Salon Given A 60-Day Temporary C.O.

This afternoon, Orchid Beauty Salon was given a temporary Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) for 60 days to comply with the Construction Office’s requirements for acceptable exhaust fans. The 60-day temporary C.O. is twice the amount of time usually given to have such issues addressed.

The Construction Official still denied the latest exhaust system presented by the Ho family’s engineers but allowed them to open their doors for business while they have it corrected.

It was relayed that Mr. Atwell has offered the Ho family to have their mechanical engineer reach out to him directly so the acceptable ventilation system that complies with the International Mechanical Code can installed.

In speaking with Lena, she stated she plans to open up by tomorrow afternoon and the newspapers will come down.

As more information on this becomes available, it will be made available to readers in future articles.

Orchid Beauty Salon is located at 25 West Westfield Avenue next to Park Cinema. Their phone number is (908) 445-7151.