October 1st Cut-Off Age For Kindergarten To Take Effect 2018-19

A question from Roselle Park resident Jenn Jaskula at an April 25th Board Of Education (BOE) meeting clarified an issue that could have cause concern for kindergarten student parents.

In reviewing a policy change for the Roselle Park School District (RPSD), the cutoff date for children entering kindergarten changed from October 31st of that school year to October 1st. A child entering kindergarten, starting the 2018-19 school year, must be five-years-old by October 1st.

“Does this take effect for the 2017-2018 year?” asked Ms. Jaskula, pointing out that the policy did not have a date in which the change would take effect, “Because I am sure parents coming out of the pre-school programs are all assuming that their children right up to November 1st are welcome in the program and now all of a sudden we’re changing it midway.”

School Superintendent Pedro Garrido responded, “Due to the fact that we have [completed] registration . . . and we did not advertise it, it will come into effect the 2018-2019 school year. We’ll put it out as a new policy.”

A review of Boards’ numerous policy changes that they are voting on this year shows that there are no dates that mention when each will take effect.

Hopefully, the BOE will take into consideration such a recommendation to prevent any confusion for parents, staff, administration, students, or the public.

Download RPSD Policy 5111