NY Man Arrested For Stalking & Assaulting An RP Resident

Shaotang Liu, age 54, of New Hyde Park, NY was arrested while reportedly stalking a former friend Friday night in Roselle Park. The victim, a 39-year-old female, arrived at her Westfield Avenue home to find Liu’s vehicle parked nearby. As she tried to leave the area, Liu approached and acted as if he were armed with a handgun. He convinced the victim to allow him into her vehicle. After several tense minutes, she jumped from the car and tried running into her home. Liu tackled her and tried forcing her into his car, a struggle ensued and continued until a neighbor heard the commotion and yelled for him to stop. Liu fled the scene in his car.

Roselle Park Police responded and brought the victim to the Roselle Park Police Department to file a complaint. Police were soon alerted to a possible sighting of Liu’s vehicle near her home. As the officers were traveling to her home, Patrolman John Deegan and Sergeant Dominick Frino observed the Liu in his vehicle parked across from police headquarters, parked so he could observe the front door and police parking lot.┬áLiu told police he was waiting for his friend.

Liu was arrested and charged with Simple Assault. A follow-up investigation by Detective Matthew Disano resulted in the additional charges of threat to kill, stalking, criminal restraint, and harassment. Bail was set at $50,000. Liu was transported to the Union County Jail.