NJ Transit Conducting Ridership Survey

New Jersey Transit is conducting an online customer survey between now and May 26th regarding ridership satisfaction, titled “4th Quarter FY 2014 Scorecard Survey“. According to the Raritan Valley Railway Coalition (RVRC), this gives commuter along the Raritan Valley Line (RVL) – of which Roselle Park  is a stop – to fill out the survey in order to give input on the need for a ‘One Seat Ride’ from Roselle Park to New York Penn Station.

The ‘One Seat Ride’, which started off-peak weekday hours on March 3rd of this year, allows for RVL commuters to ride the same train from Roselle Park to Manhattan without having to switch trains at Newark. The purchase of hybrid dual engine diesel-electric locomotives by NJ Transit allows for RVL trains, which use diesel power, to switch over in order to travel through the Hudson River tunnels that only allow for electric-powered engines.

The next proposed step is to have One Seat Ride RVL trains start during off-peak evening hours during weekdays starting in November of this year, according to NJ Transit. The ultimate goal for RVRC is to have One Seat Ride for all trains, including weekends and weekday peak hours.

The survey, which starts with question 17 and skips numbers, asks for input as to travel times, travel frequency, and satisfaction of current performance. It can be filled out by visiting the survey web site (link).