Nine Arrested At Vacant House

Early Saturday evening, Roselle Park Police responded to a report of suspicious activity near a vacant house on Grant Avenue . As Patrolman Richard Gaylord entered the home, he observed several people in the abandoned residence. One suspect crashed through a first floor window and fled from the scene. Patrolman John Deegan chased the 16-year-old Roselle resident for several blocks before he was able to take him into custody after a brief struggle.

Back at the scene, police officers were able to detain three additional suspects on the first floor. Police recovered several opened and unopened bottles of alcohol and drug paraphernalia along with various amounts of suspected marijuana. A secondary search revealed another five suspects that were hidden on the second floor. Kenilworth Police responded to a request for mutual aid and provided assistance at the scene.

In all, seven juveniles from Roselle and Roselle Park were arrested and charged with trespassing, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and underage possession of alcohol. 18-year-old Miguel Perez of Roselle and 19-year-old Kenilworth resident Carlos Potrero also face the same criminal charges.

The juveniles were released to their parents and/or guardians later that night. The residence is a single family home that is vacant and in the process of being sold.