New Applications Approved

During last night’s Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB) Meeting, two (2) new applications for businesses were heard and approved.

At 326 West Westfield Avenue, Carlos Morales applied to have a car detailing establishment that would also do alarms but no mechanical work. After asking questions of the establishment, the Board unanimously approved his application with minor changes to be corrected.

Attorney Hassen Abdellah spoke for Tammy Brown who was the principle for the application for 231 West Westfield Avenue.  The proposed business, “Take Over Salon” would be run by Ms. Brown who, although not a licensed beautician, will have a beautician who will manage the store. The limited capacity of the premises at six (6) people was a question from the Board that was addressed by the applicants stating they would have clients through appointments only so the capacity would be regulated. The board unanimously approved the application and recommended that the applicants submit plans to the Building & Construction Department due to change of use from a picture frame store.

Both applicants were notified that until a resolution is placed on the record at nest month’s meeting, they should be cautious of doing any work since the application is not technically complete until then.