Neglia Engineering Approved For Services Totaling $78,800

Seven resolutions at the August 17th Mayor & Council meeting approved $78,800 to be paid to the borough’s engineering firm, Neglia Engineering, for various services.

Resolution 231-17 approved the firm to conduct an investigation to determine if Hunter Building Supply meets the criteria to be An Area In Need Of Redevelopment for $10,500. The investigation is being performed even though the property owner has plans to develop the lots along West Webster Avenue by the little league fields. The purpose for the study might be to allow the development to later apply for PILOT (Payment In Lieu of Taxes). It is not known if the builder will reimburse the municipality for the study.

Two projects on Colfax Avenue award a total of $34,200 to Neglia. The project on West Colfax Avenue (Phase III) has the firm performing something titled Construction Management Service for $16,500. A project on East Colfax Avenue (Phase IV) has the highest amount awarded of $17,700 for Survey & Design Services.

Improvements to Butler Avenue and Spruce Street have Neglia performing Survey & Design Services for $13,900 and $13,200 respectively. Both projects are currently out for price quotes with a deadline of August 30th to have interested contractors submit their bids.

Two borough buildings will also have Neglia perform Design Services for a total of $7,000. The Casano Community Center will have its roof replaced and the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library will have their windows replaced. Neglia will be responsible for the design and planning of both projects.

Earlier this year, Neglia was awarded $220,280 for surveying and design engineering services for a generator at the Casano Center and improvements to Michael Mauri Park (link).

These fees are in addition to the annual rate paid to Neglia Engineering and they are separate of whatever the bids end up being for each project.

The reason these fees were awarded in August is due to the 2017 budget being approved in May and funds becoming available for services.

In January, Neglia Engineering was appointed as this year’s engineering firm with a bid of $21,000.00 which did not include fees to be paid for additional engineering services. So far, the municipality has paid a total of $320,080 to Neglia.