Neglia Awarded $30,300 For Three Projects

Council approved three (3) resolutions for a total of $30,300 for engineering and design & construction management services at the November 1st municipal meeting.

The first project – in the amount of $15,700 – is for design and construction management services for the generator at the OEM (Office of Emergency Management) building next to the Roselle Park Municipal Complex under Resolution 319-18. In addressing a question asked by resident Jacob Magiera during the public comment portion of the meeting, Neglia Engineering representative Thomas Solfaro stated, “At this point and time, we have a generator that’s over at the Faitoute firehouse that could be beneficial to the new OEM building that was built two years ago. By doing that, we would have to replace the existing generator that would be relocated to the new OEM building.”

According to Neglia Engineering, the generator project will require a formal electrical design, construction management services, plans, and specification for public bidding. Mr. Solfaro also clarified that the project is a design for two generators, not one.

Resolution 320-18 in the amount of $10,000 is to modify and update the zoning map of the borough.

The last project, under Resolution 321-18, will have the engineering firm prepare bid documents and perform project management related to storm sewer cleaning. The municipality asked Neglia Engineering to provide contract documents in order to bring an outside vendor to clean open channel storm sewer facilities as well as some underground piping infrastructure. The project’s budgeted cost is $4,600.

This brings the total amount awarded to the borough’s engineering firm this year to $171,360.