Neglia Awarded $23,650 For Three Contracts

Council approved three (3) resolutions which awarded the borough’s engineering firm, Neglia Engineering, a total of $23,650 for various services on three (3) projects at last Thursday night’s municipal meeting.

Resolution 132-18 awarded the firm $17,350 for Survey, Design, Permit, and Construction Management Services for East Webster Avenue Area Stream Bank Stabilization Improvements. Last year, Neglia was awarded $14,000 for construction/project management services for improvements and repair to a stream bank retaining wall at various locations throughout the borough.

Resolution 133-18 will have Neglia perform Engineering and Construction Management Services for East Grant Avenue/Pershing Avenue Drainage Improvements for $2,380.00.

The third resolution, #133-18, awarded Neglia Engineering $3,920 for Engineering Services for the Relocation of the Casano Community Center Generator. This amount is in addition to $15,280 that was awarded to the firm for Surveying and Design Engineering Services for the Casano Center Generator Project in April of 2017 (link).

At the April 19th Mayor & Council meeting, resident David Robertson inquired about the Casano Center Generator resolution. He stated, “At the December 21st meeting, a contract was let to Manor II Electric to perform the actual installation. If I recall correctly, the work was forced to be stopped by our own construction department as the installation location apparently did not meet code. Now we’re awarding an additional $3,920 to have the original engineering work from last April done again at taxpayer expenses. It would seem to me that a basic tenet of having professional services in letting these contracts is to ensure that all codes and statutes are being adhered to.”

No one from the governing body addressed Mr. Robertson’s comments and all three resolutions were passed unanimously without comment from the dais.