Municipality To Lease Part Of Ryan Property For Off-Street Commuter Parking

The governing body approved a lease agreement between the municipality and Timpat, Inc. for the lease of private property on 515 Locust Street for off-street parking at their August municipal meeting.

Resolution 244-18 authorized the lease for part of what is locally known as the Ryan property next to the NJ Transit Roselle Park train station on the Locust Street side.

Earlier in the year Boxcar, Inc. (link) out of Cranford had been offering the location for reserved commuter parking for those taking the train but had to cease operations because the area was not zoned for such use. Now, the municipality will offer similar services directly. Whether zoning will have to be changed or if it is in a different area was not mentioned publicly.

The agreement shall take effect October 1, 2018, for one year with an option to renew for two additional one-year leases at an annual rent of $5,869 which comes out to $489.08 a month or about $16.08 a day.

The October 1st date is conditional upon Timpat signing the agreement by Monday, September 3rd so that the matter can be put on the September 6th municipal meeting as an ordinance which will be required to formalize the logistics of the agreement along with parking. The ordinance will be introduced at the first September meeting with an expected hearing and vote at the September 20th Mayor & Council meeting which will be sufficient time to start on October 1st. The parking is expected to be handled through a permit system where applicants will file an application at borough hall.