Municipality Passes $16 Million Budget. $12 Million To Come From Property Taxes.

At the May 7th Mayor & Council meeting, after the legally required public hearing, the governing body unanimously approved the 2015 Operating Budget that totaled $16,378,494.52.

Removing the anticipated revenue of $3,832,728.34, the amount to be collected by property taxes will be $12,201,890.43 for this year. That amount does not include the state required minimum for the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library of $343,875.75 which will also need to be collected from property owners.

The anticipated revenue that lessened the tax burden came from surplus, state aid, fees for licenses, permits, fines, interest, parking meters, construction fees, and grants.

The increase of an average $99.45 for a house assessed at $65,000 brings the average municipal portion of property taxes to $2,876.90. This will come out to about 30¢ – 33¢ for every dollar paid in property taxes. The remaining amount will be used by the school district, county, and open space.

During the public hearing, only one resident approached to speak and ask questions on the money that is to be used from property taxpayers for services, purchases, repairs, and salaries.

A pie chart and copy of the 64-page budget is available below:

Pie chart courtesy of Chris Netta
Pie chart courtesy of Chris Netta