Photo by Bob Milici

Mr. Costanzo’s Name Is Back Where It Belongs

Four (4) months after having the matter brought up to the Board Of Education (BOE), Mr. Costanzo’s name is back on the sign for the EJF/Aldene School. In January 2011, Mr. Costanzo approached the BOE to ask why his name was removed from the sign which carried the saying Mr. C, as he was known around school, used – “School With A Heart”.

The BOE responded that they were following a policy that was put into place in 2007. After an outpouring of support from the community, the BOE reviewed and revised its policy. In February an amended policy was approved which included restoring Mr. Costanzo’s name back onto the sign.

“I’ve had the opportunity to feel that sense of caring shown by the people of Roselle Park in my endeavor to have my name restored on the sign at Aldene School where I was a principal for 11 years,” Mr. Costanzo stated in response to finding out his name was restored to the school sign, “I was humbled by the outpouring of support that was shown at the January Board Meeting, from the many telephone calls and letters I received. I know everyone knew how much the sign meant to myself and my family. My sincere thanks go to Mr. Spagnoletti, Mrs. Gilcrest, both present and former Aldene staff members, the students and parents for their kindness; without them, the outcome may have been a different one. They showed that Aldene is truly the ‘School With A HEART’ and I share my gratitude with the people of Aldene and all of Roselle Park from the bottom of my heart!”

(Photograph courtesy of Bob Milici.)