More Views From The Lens: RP Loves ARTS!

Amid the memories made at yesterday’s successful RP Loves ARTS! festival were the ones captured by the cameras of those who enjoyed the warm afternoon. These photographs added to the festival by being both the testament and contribution to art.

Below is a collection of photographs from residents Sylvia Bednarz-Caraballo, Lynnor Bontigao, Joseph Di Maria, Denise Garry, Alicia Marino, and Chris Whiteside.

Anyone interested in contributing to this collection of September 19, 2015’s RP Loves ARTS! festival is welcome to submit them via the newspaper’s Contact page (link).

Alicia Marino

Denise Garry

Joseph Di Maria

Lynnor Bontigao

Sylwia Bednarz-Caraballo


Chris Whiteside