MLUB Approves Three-Family House Next To Casano Center

After a second application hearing, the first being denied by the Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB) in 2013, Mr.Candido Cuato had his application hearing for a variance approved to be a three-family dwelling at 310 Chestnut Street. Currently it is an empty lot right next to the Casano Community Center.

Asking for a variance on the height restriction in that zoned district and the width of the driveway. The 7,700 ft2 lot exceeded the minimum requirement of 7,500 ft2 for a three-story dwelling but the height is greater than the 78 ft. maximum for a residential dwelling. In the previous application, Mr. Cuato, through his attorneys met the height restriction but that compromise had a dwelling in the basement which was the reason for the denial. The applicant returned this month having the dwelling on the first floor, requiring a hearing for the MLUB to allow his dwelling to be built over the current maximum. During testimony, the Municipal Planner, Victor Vinegra from Harbor Consultants, had stated that if the applicant had a commercial building instead of a residential one on the same spot, he could have built a five-story office building.

The driveway minimum width for that area is 20′ and Mr. Cuato had requested to have a 14′ driveway. After discussions with the Board, it was agreed to have a 12′ wide driveway.

Concerns with storm water run-0ff and drainage, being that the property was next to the Casano Center which has a large open area, were discussed and a compromise of buffering the area between both properties with bushes and a drainage plan was reached.

Placing conditions for approval – which included having a shade tree in the front yard, a landscaping buffer, and a drainage plan – the Board unanimously voted to approve the application and variances.

After the meeting, Mr. Cuato stated he was pleased with the decision and expected that after plans are submitted and approved – which may take a month or two, the project should be completed within four months. By year’s end he foresees the building to be finished.