MLUB Approves Daycare On Westfield Avenue

After a two-year process, Julie Manco got her application hearing and approval for her proposed ‘Little Stars Daycare’ on 313 East Westfield Avenue. The location had previously had two structures on site – one residential with another structure behind it used for commercial purposes. Both were to be converted for one use.

Mrs. Manco had already been approved by the state of New Jersey to have a daycare facility on that location and all appropriate licenses had been acquired, according to her testimony before the Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB) on Monday night. With her attorney, Mrs. Manco provided that the facility would care for up to 15 children from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. An existing shed would be torn down and replaced with soft, injury-preventative material for a play area that would be enclosed and accessible only though the building. A major renovation would be the changing of existing bathroom facilities to become suitable for children. An area would be designated on the premises for pick-up and drop-off that would not interfere with traffic or the neighborhood.

After testimony from Mrs. Manco’s architect and planner, the Board placed some stipulations such as having a lighting plan submitted for review by the MLUB Engineer, the replacing of a wood fence for trash disposal , and – if possible – a planting of a shade tree. With those terms agreed upon by Mrs. Manco, the MLUB unanimously approved her application.

After receiving approval by the Board, Mrs. Manco was congratulated by her children, husband, and family. Wiping away tears of joy, she stated, “I’m so happy and excited. I love working with children. This has been a long journey but it is worth it.”

Waiting the mandatory 45 days to have the resolution memorialized legally, Mrs. Manco stated she planned to start on renovations and construction as soon as possible, with a target opening date in September.