Meridia At Park Square Concept Plan Under Council Review

(This is the second of a two-part series regarding Meridia development at the Sullivan property concept plan.)

Currently, the governing body is in the process of discussing the redevelopment plan for what is commonly known in town as the Sullivan property. A concept plan submitted in November of last year for Meridia At Park Square proposes a six-story 415 residential unit development in the center of Roselle Park on Westfield Avenue at Chestnut Street.

The plan has a submission date of November 10th of last year but was a closed session matter at a special meeting of Mayor & Council on March 15th.

The six-page document shows that the proposed development will be separated into two buildings. Building A is the easternmost structure that faces Chestnut Street and shows 235 residential units. Building B ends at Filbert Street with 180 units. There are courtyards in the center of each building for residents of the development and a public concourse that will have angled parking and an outdoor dining area. It has been stated that at least one restaurant will be part of the development.

Capodagli Property Company (CPC) is the parent company for this and another development project in the borough – both under the Meridia banner. In 2016, the governing body and Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB) approved a 212-apartment two-building residential complex – along with 5,000 sq. ft. of commercial space on the ground floor – along Westfield Avenue where the old Domani’s/Yesterday’s restaurant was located. The name of that project is “Meridia Roselle Park” and the commercial space was stated by the developer as being focused on a restaurant but as of yet, no establishment has been named. That project is currently under construction in the permit and preparation phases.

The project at Westfield and Chestnut is currently named “Meridia At Park Square” and although not specified in the plans, a source associated with CPC has stated that 7,826 sq. ft. are dedicated to retail on the ground floor and Building B will have 9,057 sq. ft. of retail space. The 16,883 combined sq. ft. is noted as having space for six (6) stores. The plans – with outdoor dining areas – also give the impression that at least one restaurant is targeted for this location as well.

Around 47% of Building A, 111 of 235 units, are noted as being two-bedroom apartments while Building B has 40 of its 180 units – around 22% – as two-bedroom apartments. In total, the concept plan has a little over one out of every three units as two-bedroom apartments.

A seven-level garage behind and adjacent to Building B will be able to hold 687 parking spaces – 97 spaces per floor.

One sheet gives information on 291 parking spaces that are labeled “Phase I Parking.” In speaking with sources associated with developments, they stated that the parking layout is for the first phase of construction and will be restructured once the project is complete to offer parking in a parking deck.

Additionally, sources stated that the concept plan is in flux and that a 12-page report by Benecke Economics has recommended that the number of residential units go from 415 to 370. The report includes an incentive to have a minimum of 1,200 sq ft. of public office type space be allocated to the municipality on the first floor or second floor. If space is provided, the number of units will be 380 apartments.

Below is a copy of the November 2017 concept plan:

Download Meridia At Park Square Concept Plan (November 10, 2017)