A View Of From The Lens: Memorial Day

Sadly, this was my first Memorial Day Parade here in Roselle Park during my fourteen year residency. This year I was begrudgingly coaxed by my two daughters into what was equated with a chore. Boy, was I wrong!

I arrived on the parade route and was greeted by friends I haven’t seen since the end of my daughters’ soccer season. I had a chance to catch up with neighbors that I hadn’t had the time to talk with . I saw my daughters have a great time being part of a town tradition that I can’t believe was missed by me all these years.

The dedication after the parade was touching to say the least.

We buried my father in April of this year. He, having served, was afforded an honor guard. Needless to say “Taps” will always strike a very sad chord with me as I’m sure it will for anyone who heard it while saying goodbye to a loved one. However, the young lady from the high school did it justice and, somehow, made it less bitter.

This was a beautiful memorial to our fallen.

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful day.

Larry Leone lives in Roselle Park with his wife and two daughters. A full-time commercial photographer for 12 years, Larry works in Marketing in New York City and still accepts assignments. Anyone interested in more information on his work can visit his Facebook page (link).

Below is a collection of photographs taken by Larry Leone during the parade and Memorial. All images below are the exclusive property of Larry Leone and are protected under the United States and International copyright laws.