Mayoral Candidates Offer Congratulations & Thanks

Change has come to Roselle Park after 16 years of Joseph DeIorio at the helm. The mayor-elect, Joe Accardi, with his 10 point plan, now has residents awaiting how he’s going to do it.

The three (3) candidates for Roselle Park mayor each had gathered in various locations around town to hear the results of the election. Joe Accardi had a get together at his house where, during a break from celebrating said, “I want to thank everybody. It was a great day. It’s the beginning of a new era for Roselle Park and hopefully we can all work together to make good things happen for our community.”

Kevin Murphy was at Borough Hall to hear the results firsthand. Afterward, he had a small dinner with friends and family at La Catena Restaurant on Westfield Avenue. Mr. Murphy received 153 votes for his run as the Independent Conservative candidate.

“Congratulations to Joe Accardi”, Mr. Murphy said during dinner, “Thank you to all the citizens that came out to vote to exercise their constitutional right. I hope Mr. Accardi keeps his promise of transparent government for the next 4 years.”

Over at Costa’s on Chestnut Street, Carl Hokanson received the news that he had not gathered enough votes from the people to become mayor.

“Congratulations to Mr. Accardi. I will support him for the next 13 months,” Mr. Hokanson stated, referring to the rest of his term as council-at-large. He reflected on the personal toll the campaign took by simply stating, “I feel a little disappointed.”