Mayor Schedules Pre-Election Meet & Greet On November 4th

Mayor Carl Hokanson has added a pre-election meet & greet on Sunday, November 4th at Costa’s Restaurant.

Mayor Hokanson is running for re-election and this will be the seventh such event this year. Usually, the mayor has held a meet & greet faithfully every quarter since 2009.

This Sunday will have the mayor available between 6 p.m. and 9 o’clock at night.

All residents are invited to attend and ask questions regarding Mr. Hokanson – as a candidate – on issues related to the election as well as any questions they might have for Mr. Hokanson in his capacity as mayor.

Complimentary pizza and refreshments will be available for those who attend.

Costa’s is located at 120 Chestnut Street. Free parking is available across the street at the municipal lot next to Roselle Park Wines & Spirits.