Mayor & Council To Hold Special Meeting To Approve Hiring Of Up To Four Police Officers

After returning from closed session last night, the governing body put forth Resolution 130-12 which was not previously on the agenda. The resolution was to authorize Police Chief Paul Morrison to interview candidates to be hired as Roselle Park police officers. As part of that resolution, a special meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday, June 28th, at which time mayor & council will decide on the hiring of up to four (4) police officers.

Although no mention was made by anyone on the dais, this resolution is in part a result of the Staff and Resource Allocation Study of the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) that was conducted by Blue Shield Consulting and voted on by council in March of this year with a budgeted cost of $10,875.

The vote was a unanimous 5-0 vote in approval for the resolution. Councilman-At-Large Carl Hokanson was the only member of the governing body to comment on the matter,”I ‘m very pleased that council has finally come [around] so thank you.”

The special meeting – which is needed to pass a resolution to hire police officers by July 1st in order to receive grant money – will be held in Borough Hall at 7 p.m. on June 28, 2012.