Mayor Calls For Neighbors To Help Neighbors

On Friday, Mayor Joseph Accardi released a statement declaring the weekend of January 29th ‘Help A Neighbor Weekend’ in Roselle Park. This public notice from the mayor’s office is the first of its kind in years, and the first for the new mayor.

The latest snow storm has left most sidewalks in the borough with ditch-like paths and some areas in front of houses, as well as some cars, uncleared. The snow that was plowed has, in some cases, piled up at corners and made visibility for on-coming traffic difficult with vehicles having to pull their front ends onto intersections in order to see for any traffic.

“On this weekend I ask that you consider doing a good deed for a neighbor,” the letter reads, in part, addressing the snow that has not had adequate opportunity to melt. The mayor requested for neighbors to check on and visit those in their neighborhood who are elderly or dealing with illness. Additionally, Mayor Accardi reminded residents to clear the area around fire hydrants on their block. Code 23-5.1 of the Roselle Park Borough Code Book that actually requires that such clearing of fire hydrants in front of properties be done by, the latest,  twelve hours after snowfall ends.

Not all residents were satisfied with snow removal this time around citing that some streets were not plowed until late in the morning, after driveways were cleared.

“I had to drive over a snow bank that was left by the (DPW) trucks at the intersection because they did one-pass,” a resident in the first ward stated, “I just drove and hoped my car didn’t get stuck.”

The mayor recognized that there have been some complaints but re-iterated that his purpose for the declaration is to have residents do something positive. His public notice closed with, “That is what Roselle Park is all about!”

Another resident appreciated the Mayor’s initiative, “It’s a nice idea. I mean, what can you do? It’s just snow, right? You’ve got to do what you can.”

The entire public notice can be read below:
Help a Neighbor Weekend