Marie C. Roth Endowment For Library Close To $525,000

A committee to work on how to best use an over-half-a-million dollar donation received from the estate of Marie C. Roth, a former patron of the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library who passed away on September 7, 2016. Ms. Roth lived in the borough for 72 years before moving to Union Township in 2005 (link).

An original amount of $352,848.59 was bequeathed to the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library late last year. An additional amount of $172,013.69 was later given to the library after the court portioned it to the institution. According to court records, an original amount of 15% of the residuary estate, which comes out to $264,636.44, was supposed to be given to the ‘Roselle Park First Aid Squad or it’s [sic] successors’.

But since the Roselle Park First Aid Squad (RPFAS) was removed as a first responder for the borough in August of last year, it was deemed a non-operational organization. Since the execution of the inheritance came after the August 2017 decision, that amount was to be dispersed among its successors. A court ruled that the library would receive 65% of that amount which is $172,013.69.

The bequeathment committee will meet on October 9th to work on how to most effectively spend the generous donation of $524,862.27. It is agreed upon and understood by the library board that this donation will not go towards salaries or any other general expenses but will be used for something that will benefit the library and community while respecting Ms. Roth’s intent.