‘Major Overhaul’ Announced For Roselle Park NJ Transit Platform

Councilman-At-Large Carl Hokanson announced at the June 19th Mayor & Council Meeting that New Jersey Transit will be doing a ‘major overhaul’ to the platform at the Roselle Park Train Station.

Independent of the One-Seat Ride that was started during off-peak weekday hours on March 3rd, this project will repair and update different aspects of the open-air platform.

According to a source, NJ Transit is currently in the final stages of design for the $5.8 million project which will refurbish and, where necessary, replace the concrete platforms at the Roselle Park Station. This design phase is anticipated to be completed by the end of the Summer and the project is expected to go out for bid in the late Fall with a goal of beginning construction in Spring 2015.

Mr. William Smith from NJ Transit stated, “We anticipate including windscreens and art as part of the design and are currently working to further detail that element of the improvements at the station.”

More information with respect to submissions from local artists will be made available as the project nears commencement.