Lyman: Always Doing His Best

On April 30th, Lyman Thompson, went into work at the Department of Public Works (DPW) where he worked for over four decades. Like every Monday, Lyman got ready for the week ahead and began his routine. That day, though, Lyman felt different and a bit out of sorts. What Lyman didn’t know was that he was suffering a heart attack. He became unconscious. His fellow workers did not waste a minute to help and comfort him as he lay unconscious. Police officers arrived and attended to him with CPR. He was rushed to Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth.

Lyman Thompson is not a politician and by those terms he has not done any ‘spectacular’ feats. What he has accomplished is that he worked for the DPW for 41 years and he has done his best at whatever he was assigned to do. Whether it was at Borough Hall, the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library, at the Casano Community Center, or as an auxiliary police officer. He attended borough affairs, car shows, street fairs, Bender Avenue’s Halloween event, Little League baseball games, Pop Warner football games, high school football games, and countless other events.

You could see Lyman riding his bicycle to most of them, always wearing his helmet. He would stop and talk to anyone who wanted to speak with him and he always has a kind word for everyone. It turns out that not only did Lyman care about Roselle Park, but Roselle Park cares about him. During my visit with him last month, he received many visitors and telephone calls.

The receptionist said to me, “He must be a very important person in town.”

I told her, “He is.”

Lyman said when he is feeling better he wants to show his appreciation to everyone at the DPW and the Police Department and the First Aid Squad. He said it is the least he could do.

Above is a picture Lyman took with the Roselle Park Police Officers who performed CPR and administered a defibrillator to save his life. Pictured are from left: Patrolman James Cantrell, Lyman, Patrolman Kevin Florczak, and Patrolman Mitchell White.