Lottery Ticket Thief Caught By Cashing In Winning Tickets

On March 11th, Roselle Park Police responded to a local business on Chestnut Street where it was reported that someone had stolen 15 New Jersey ten-dollar instant lottery tickets from the business. Detective Edward Nortrup conducted a follow-up investigation which led to the discovery that four (4) of the tickets were cashed in as winners at two different stores in Roselle Park prior to them being reported stolen.

The winnings were valued at $270.

Reportedly, video surveillance was obtained at both locations and the same individual was observed cashing the stolen scratch-off tickets. The individual cashing the tickets was positively identified as Vincent Calabrese, age 21 from Cranford.

On March 25th, Calabrese turned himself in, at which time he was arrested and charged with theft. He was released on a summons with a Roselle Park Municipal Court date.