Lottery Ticket Fraud

On July 14, 2010 at 1 p.m. a victim came to Roselle Park Police headquarters to report that he received a letter claiming that he won $125,000.00 from a Shoppers Sweepstakes Lottery. Along with this letter there was a counterfeit cashiers check drawn from PNC Bank for $3,875.00 to be deposited in the victim’s account. The letter goes on to say that the reason for this “first check” is for the payment of applicable government taxes on the big winnings. The letter further states that the victim should pay $2,875.00 through Western Union directly to a fictitious tax agent. The victim realized the letter was a scam and filed a report. Roselle Park Police warn all residents of scams such as this and advise residents to report all suspicious letters.

Police are investigating this incident.