Loren Harms Honored For His Decades Of Service To The Community

The Roselle Park Little League Fields are impeccable. Neat and well-maintained. Now, longtime resident Loren Harms was not being honored just for that this past Thursday night at a municipal meeting.

But really, the fields look really nice.

In a way, the care given to a piece of turf that gets torn up and used time and time again; then to have someone, Loren Harms, go back and maintain it time and time again says something. It is not Yankee Stadium, but that does not mean any less care should be given to it.

Loren carries himself in the same manner.

Being a public official – currently a member of the Board Of Eduction (BOE) and Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB) – he does not always wear a suit, but he is always – always – neatly dressed. A shirt tail is never out, shoes are always clean, and even his mustache is always neat. He carries himself with class. He is not haughty but the little things matter to him – like a field – because the little things are not really just little things; they matter. And to Loren, beyond what he was honored for on Thursday night, family – which is not a little thing – matters. If you were to ask him what was most important, he would say being a husband, a father, and a grandfather. He loves his family and he loves Roselle Park.

This is a great community we live in, ladies and gentlemen, we really do so please honor it.” – Loren Harms

Loren is retiring from the Roselle Park Youth Baseball & Softball League. Thursday night, Second Ward Councilman Joseph Petrosky introduced his friend and fellow coach to present him with a proclamation. Councilman Petrosky recounted Loren’s work with the youth of the borough, adding, “If you go down to our little league field and you see how great that field looks, you can attest to the new renovations the last couple of years. I know one person, myself, will miss you tremendously. The fields look great. The fields were always lined. We’ll definitely miss you. Thank you very much.”

Standing with his wife, Chris, and three of their grandchildren, Loren stood – neatly dressed – as Mayor Carl Hokanson began to read the proclamation. The mayor jokingly asked, “Want me to just highlight?”

“No, read it,” Loren jokingly responded.

Mayor Hokanson took a breath and began:

Whereas, the said Loren Harms, additionally is a member of the

Municipal Land Use Board over 18 years, currently serving as Chair;

Roselle Park Dad’s Club, 19 years, served as president, vice-president, and secretary;

Roselle Park Dad’s Club Hall of Fame Inductee 1998;

Roselle Park Baseball & Softball League for over 25 years serving as vice-president and coach;

Roselle Park Baseball & Softball League Man of the Year 1990;

Roselle Park Pop Warner for 10 years holding position of head commissioner, president, and coach;

Roselle Park Soccer and Wrestling for 7 years serving as president and coach;

Roselle Park Softball for 3 years;

Roselle park Park Quarterback Club 15 years, serving as president;

Boy Scouts Cub Pack 115, Aldene School, for 3 years serving as Cubmaster and Weeball Leader;

Roselle Park Softball for Children with Special Needs serving for 3 years as Coach;

Roselle Park Community Coordinator for 3 years;

Roselle Park Street Lighting Committee for years;

And whereas Loren Harms exemplifies the definition of service to his community;

And whereas the Mayor & Council of the Borough of Roselle Park wish to join family and friends to said Loren Harms to extend their deepest appreciation and recognition for his dedication and commitment to the residents and the children of Roselle Park and his tireless effort to make Roselle Park a better place to live;

And whereas the mayor and council wish to acknowledge and extend warmest congratulations and best wishes to said Loren Harms and

Now, therefore, be it resolved that a copy of this proclamation, signed by the mayor, be presented to Loren Harms and honor him and his association.

After those in attendance applauded Loren, he said a few words, “I want to thank mayor and council for honoring me tonight but the truth of the matter is the honor that I’ve had is working with the youth of Roselle Park. Being part of the community – of this great community – of Roselle Park. I’ve gotten so much pleasure in working with these youths from when they were small and then when you see them today on the street, they’re married and have children of their own, you can’t ask for anything better than that.”

He concluded, “More importantly, I continue to do it because of this little guy here, these back here, and other ones that are out doing the things that have to get done with cheerleading and wrestling and all that other stuff. Again, thank you mayor and council. This is a great community we live in, ladies and gentlemen, we really do so please honor it. Thank you.”