Library Budget Passed

The Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library Board of Trustees passed the 2010 library budget at a special meeting last night, July 14, 2010. The original budget of $512,989.50 was reduced through the Finance Committee by $46,254.87 to arrive at a final budget of $466,734.63.

Initial cuts made by the Finance Committee totaled $36,667.00.  This was reduced by $2,000 for a land survey and another $14,000 for the budgeted cost for construction of a fence. The net reduction to the budget was $20,667.00. Funds in the amount of $25,587.87 from Capital Ordinances 2184 & 2220 further reduced the budget by a total of $46,254.87.

The library’s total estimated income was $448,616.00 resulting in a difference of $18,118.63 which will come from the approximately $160,000 in surplus.

The finalized budget was passed unanimously by the six (6) members present with the mayor stating before the vote that he would send his questions to the board for their review.

Kit Rubino sat in for library director, Susan Calantone, who had notified the board she would not be available.

During the meeting a resolution was also passed to have a survey performed to establish the library property lines so a fence project can be completed. The cost for the survey was $250 less than originally proposed at $2,250 during a previous meeting.