Library Books Can Now Be Taken Out For 28 Days. New Books For 14 Days.

As one of her final duties at the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library, director Susan Calantone asked the Library Board to extend the borrowing period for new books and all other books.

During the June 15th Library Board of Trustees meeting, Ms. Calantone explained that most other libraries in the area as well as members of the LMXAC (Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium) – of which Roselle Park is a member – have double the borrowing period time that the library currently applies for books.

“We would like to change all the non-fiction and fiction books to 28 days instead of 14 days which it is now so people would have a longer time to keep their books,” stated Ms. Calantone.

She also requested that new fiction books would from – currently – seven days to 14 days as the borrowing period. Library director Calantone added, “This would encourage more material to circulate. Most of the libraries in the LMXAC system and other system have this time period.”

The Board members approved the recommendation unanimously.