Library Board Looking For Resident Input

At the last municipal meeting of 2011, Library Board of Trustee member Laura Hahn asked for input from the governing body as well as residents in regard to the Strategic Plan for the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library (RPVML).

The strategic planning process, which is now required by the state, was spearheaded by Ms. Hahn and is now in its final stages. The plan will be updated every three to five years. Throughout the process, Ms. Hahn stated she reached out to people within the library community including staff, patrons, other libraries comparable to Roselle Park’s, and library board members.

At the December 29th meeting, Ms. Hahn asked that the governing body forward her any thoughts or suggestions they might have with respect to the strategic plan. Her goal is to have the plan completed and introduced at the January 2012 Library Board of Trustees meeting.

“One of the problems I’ve been having is trying to reach out to people who don’t necessarily use the library,” Ms. Hahn stated after she asked mayor & council to reach out to constituents, “I think it’s imperative … so we can figure out what we can do to bring more residents in.”

Anyone with more questions, comments, suggestions, or comments regarding the library’s strategic plan can contact Lauara Hahn at lhahn07[@] or contact the RPVM Library at (908) 245-2456.