Killa Seasoning Is December Business Of The Month

Third Ward Councilman William Fahoury along with Mayor Carl Hokanson presented Killa Seasoning All Purpose with the December 2018 Business Of The Month.

Councilman Fahoury said about the business, “They are a third ward business. Matt is a third ward resident. Matt is a hard worker. He has a full-time job. He also owns his full-time business and he has a full-time family. The amount of work that he puts into his seasoning is fantastic. I encourage everyone to – after this – inquire about getting a bottle or two. He couldn’t do it without the support of his family, so this award is not just for his business but his family. Congratulations Matt and congratulations to your family.”

The councilman then read the proclamation, “Start three years ago in Roselle Park, Killa Seasoning is an all-purpose, all-natural seasoning that mixes Latin flared flavors with American barbecue flavors. Killa Seasoning grew from a small business that sold to family and friends to shipping bottles to towns across the country to consumers and businesses. It recently teamed up with a Food Network “Chopped” champion to provide seasoning for his line of restaurants and fine dining. Killa Seasoning has donated to, sponsored, and/or participated in many local and charitable events. The Borough of Roselle Park wishes Killa Seasoning all the best and thanks them for their continued investment in the local business community.”

After the presentation, owner Matthew Permison addressed those in attendance, “Thank you, everybody. I really enjoy living here in Roselle Park and I’m happy to say that my seasoning started here. I try to give back to my community whenever I can and I’m happy that Roselle Park has used my seasoning and I hope to see you all out there when I give back to the community.”

More information on Killa Seasoning can be found on its website (link) and Facebook page (link).