Karen Intile To Retire In May

After 16 years, one month, and two days as the Director of the Casano Community Center, Karen Intile is retiring this year.

While at the Casano Center, Ms. Intile was in charge of supervising everything from the food pantry to a range of activities for seniors including exercise programs, nutrition, cards, bingo, luncheons, shopping trips, and dances as well as community events from Fourth of July fireworks to parades to St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon to the Christmas time Holiday Gala.

Starting March 29, 1999, Ms. Intile’s career at the Center has witnessed a renovation of the center patio to present a more relaxing atmosphere as well as an industrial grill to expand the use of the center for private – as well as public – gatherings; everything from outdoor movies to townwide picnics to National Night Out, just to name a few.

Additionally, the center has been used as both a cooling center during the summer and a warming center in times of severe cold along with being open as a shelter during hurricanes and other serious weather-related conditions.

As the date of retirement approaches, Ms. Intile looks back at her time-serving the borough and its residents and said, “I thank everyone, both all mayors and council as well as the residents. It’s been a wonderful learning experience and it was a wonderful opportunity I will always be thankful for.”

Ms. Intile has set her date of retirement as May 1, 2015.