Juvenile Interferes With Scene

On July 24, 2010 at 2:30 a.m. Patrolman Richard Gaylord observed a white Honda Civic, parked approximately four feet away from the curb with the passenger side door wide open on the 10 block of W. Clay Avenue. While across the street Patrolman Gaylord observed a juvenile come to the second story window of his house, open the window and proceeded to pull his pants down showing his buttocks to Patrolman Gaylord and another officer assisting. The juvenile harassed as well as yelled profanities at the officers of the second floor window, causing a public disturbance. The juvenile continued to interfere with officers on scene while they were speaking to owner of the white Honda to confirm there was no need for aid.

The juvenile then moved to his porch and continued to yell profanities at the officers.

Juvenile complaints to follow.