Juvenile Arrested For Fireworks Possession At Carnival

On July 1, 2011 at approximately 8:32 p.m. Patrolman Gregory Polakoski responded to the area of 185 West Webster Avenue at the request of Sgt. Dominick Frino. Sgt. Frino advised headquarters that he had a juvenile being detained for possession of fireworks.

While patrolling the Roselle Park Band Parents Carnival located on Roselle Park High School (RPHS) property, Sgt. Frino observed a firework explode around a group of juveniles. Sgt. Frino then observed the crowd of juvenile disperse from where the explosion occurred.

Sgt. Frino and Patrolman Sobocinski detained the group of juveniles. A search of the juveniles for contraband revealed a 13-year-old male of Roselle Park in possession of five (5) red packets of firecrackers, one (1) blue lighter, and 12 loose firecrackers in his back pack. The juvenile was placed under arrest and charged with 21:3-2 (possession of fireworks). He was later released to the custody of a parent pending a family court appearance.