Join The RPHS All-Stars Teams vs. The Harlem Wizards

The RPHS-PTSA is hosting an exhibition game against the Harlem Wizards on Tuesday, April 26th, at 7 pm at the Roselle Park High School (RPHS) to benefit the Scholarship Fund for the Class of 2011. The event is a comedic take on a regular basketball game which communities and families can enjoy together. The RPHS-PTSA invites residents to join the team who will attempt to beat the Harlem Wizards or at least have fun trying.

The Harlem Wizards are a professional entertainment basketball team comprised of players with illustrious college and professional basketball careers which have toured the world. The Harlem Wizards will have 6 or 7 players against a squad of 20 – 30 players comprised of residents, known as the Roselle Park All-Stars, which will represent the community and include various community leaders.

Anyone interested in participating can contact Fran Giameo by e-mail (link) or by phone at (908) 245-9379. The online box office which is now open at – simply click on ‘Events Schedule’. In person ticket sales will take place March 22nd – March 23rd beginning at 6:30 pm by the gym in RPHS. A ticket form as well as a medical release form for anyone interested in participating can be viewed/downloaded by clicking below.

Harlem Wizards Ticket Order Form

Harlem Wizards Flier & Form