Joe & Jodi’s Is Business Of The Month

March’s Business of the Month is Joe & Jodi’s Barber Shop located in the center of town.

In 1958, Joe Bellomo opened Joe’s Barber Shop in Roselle Park. For over half a century, Joe has had a wide range of residents sit in chairs to prepare for a job interview, get ready for a date or a wedding, prepare for the first day of school, look their best for a party, or just plain feel good about themselves.

Joe knows that a haircut is more than just scissors, a comb, and a cape.

His client list includes young and old from police officers to teachers to athletes to mayors to council representatives to Parkers to newcomers – just to name a few. He has also given back to the community by donating to as well as sponsoring sports teams, non-profit organizations, schools, and events.

In 1991, his daughter Jodi Bellomo joined in the family business and now, for over 25 years, Joe & Jodi have been grooming residents and living up to what singer (and former barber himself) Anthony Hamilton has said, “Being a barber is about taking care of the people.”

“I want to thank the town in honor of my father who can’t be here tonight,” said Jodi, who was in attendance to receive the proclamation, “The two of us [have] worked in this community. We love this community. We’re invested in this community. My kids went to school in this community . . . This is the best place to own a business, to live in, and we’re just grateful for the support so I want to thank everybody for this.”

Mayor Carl Hokanson spoke about his friend, “Joe, I know you’re out there and I appreciate it. To be truthful . . . there [are] only two people who have cut my hair and that was Joe the barber – and now Jodi – and the United States Marine Corps.”

Jodi also thanked the residents of Roselle Park for coming to their aid when a car crashed into the barbershop on November 26th of last year. Those very clients – as well as others – came back to clean up broken glass, nail boards, paint, and help out.

“That’s the beauty of Roselle Park,” said Jodi, “We’ve had two fires, a catastrophe with a car going through . . . I really just wanted to thank the community because, without the love and support that we got, we [wouldn’t have] got through it. I want to thank you for this.”

Joe & Jodi’s Barber Shop is located at 210 Chestnut Street. Their phone number is (908) 241-3773.