Job Openings For Five Municipal Positions

The borough clerk’s office has posted five (5) positions. They are:

  • Casano Center Bus Driver
  • Casano Center Desk Person
  • Crossing Guard
  • DPW Superintendent
  • Economic Development Coordinator

The Casano Center has been seeking a part-time bus driver since  January of this year. Applicants must have a Class C Driver’s License with Passenger Endorsement or Class A and B Driver’s License with Passenger Endorsement. Job responsibilities include – but are not limited to – driving seniors to and from home and the Center for weekday lunch, shopping, and doctor appointments. Successful applicants must be able to lift a minimum of 25 lbs., understand oral and written instructions, and possess a good driving record. The job is a 20- hour work week at a $16.28/hour salary.

A per diem desk person for the Casano Center is also being sought for a maximum 30-hour workweek as needed. The $10.16 an hour position includes answering phones, greeting residents, and basic clerical work.

The position of alternate crossing guard is open with a $67.26 per day salary.

Since February, the municipality has been seeking a superintendent of the Department of Public Works (DPW). Applicant must possess a current and valid Certified Public Works Manager (CPWM) certification issued by the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs or must be able to obtain CPWM certification no later than December 31, 2018. Salary ranges – based on experience – from $40,000 to $100,000 with benefits.

The last position – economic development coordinator – is a new one. The position – according to the job description – will be responsible for professionalizing the process of helping businesses, both current and prospective, in making Roselle Park “business-friendly.” 

The economic development coordinator was proposed during the municipal budget workshops this year with discussion among members of the governing body whether to dedicate funds to the position or to some other service. Ultimately, $45,000 was put into the 2018 municipal budget for the position with the understanding that it would be flexible and it would be a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the year.

The DPW Superintendent, as well as the Economic Development Coordinator both, have a submission deadline of May 31st. The municipality reserves the right fill either position before the deadline.

More information on all positions can be obtained by visiting the borough’s website (link) or by calling the borough clerk’s office at (908) 245-6222.

Copies of all notices and employment application are available below:

Download P/T Bus Driver Job Notice

Download Crossing Guard Job Notice

Download Casano Center Desk Person Job Notice

Download DPW Superintendent Job Notice

Download Economic Development Coordinator Job Notice

Download RP Employment Application