Joe & Jodi’s Celebrate 60 Years In Roselle Park

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Joe & Jodi’s Barber Shop. Originally called Joe’s Barber Shop, daughter Jodi joined her father in 1991 and their tonsorium continues to have a seat ready for those needing to cut or style their crowns of mane.

Last Thursday, the governing body presented Jodi Bellomo a proclamation recognizing six decades of service in the borough. Jodi accepted the certificate on behalf of her father Joe who was not able to attend.

Jodi remarked after receiving the award, “I just want to thank the town [and] mayor and council. You know it’s not hard to be in business for 60 years when you love the people that are in the community, when you love what you do. What a blessing it is for me to work with my father for 30 years – to work side by side – next to my best friends to serve the community [and] to provide a service in the community. We’ve been honored and privileged to be able to stay with the longevity and to watch some great haircuts go out when I cut Carl’s hair – I can’t say the same when my dad was cutting Carl’s hair – and a couple other people and a lot of people throughout the town. Roselle Park’s a beautiful place to live. My dad always took pride in Roselle Park – he started this 60 years ago. We’ve been through some crazy things, two fires, a car going through our window last year and we’ve had a lot of help from the community. I’ll never forget that. That’s the beauty of this town and I hope we have another 60 years.”

Additionally, New Jersey’s 21st legislative district representatives presented Joe & Jodi’s barbershop wit a citation recognizes 60 years in Roselle Park.

After the ceremony, Councilman-At-large Joseph DeIorio commented, “Joe & Jodi’s Barbershop exemplifies what a small business is and sets an example of the hard work it takes to run a small business. There’s a handful of stores [and] small businesses in Roselle Park that are  still here and still thriving and one of the reasons why they thrive is not only because of a small town like Roselle Park but also because of the tenacity these business owners put in day-in and day-out working seven days a week. Even when they’re off they’re not off, they’re doing something in their shop. They have to pay for their own health care bills, they don’t get vacation time or sick time and it’s a true testament of Joe & Jodi’s and the other businesses like Joe & Jodi’s Barbershop that could still survive in these hard economic times. So my congratulations to you for 60 years and 60 years more.”

Joe & Jodi’s Barber Shop is located at 210 Chestnut Street. Their phone number is (908) 241-3773.