Jacob & Governor Christie

On a cold, blustery Monday morning, this intrepid reporter left the boundaries of Roselle Park to take a quick trip for a special scoop – the appearance of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at a campaign stop at the Oasis Bakery in Hillside.

Waiting for the governor to arrive, I saw supporters, protestors, and curious spectators, and even fellow Roselle Park business owners and residents. Governor Christie arrived a little late on his “Christie: Strong Leadership Now” campaign bus to greet his supporters and the media. His entourage included his wife, Pat, and the Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez, as well as New Jersey State Senator Tom Kean Jr. All were greeted inside Oasis Bakery to at least 100 voices shouting “Christie! Christie! Christie!”

The governor in his prepared speech jokingly reminded Hillside Mayor Joseph Menza that he wanted more than the 2,700 votes he received at the last election or the Hillside mayor would be getting a phone call.

As for the importance of this election, the governor stated, “The entire country is paying attention to New Jersey.”

On November 5, 2013, Governor Chris Christie was elected for a second term as New Jersey’s Head of State by of 60% of voters. Although the governor was not in Roselle Park, his election affects the Borough. Below is a photo montage of the event which was reported on as an event without endorsement nor political position.