Hokanson Elected As Mayor. Meola & Storey Win Council Seats.

After two unsuccessful runs for mayor in previous elections, Carl Hokanson becomes the first Council-At-Large to be elected mayor in, at least, a quarter of a century. Mayor-elect Hokanson received 1,537 to Mr. Yakubov’s 1,374

Current 2nd Ward Councilwoman Charlene Storey was victorious in her campaign against newcomer Richard G. Templeton, III in her bid to replace Mayor-Elect Carl Hokanson, whose At-Large term was up this year. Less than 60 votes gave Council-At-Large elect Storey with 1,363 to Mr. Templeton’s 1,307.

Patricia Jordan was not able to garner more votes than Eugene Meola, who will become the First Ward Councilman for the next three years. Mr. Meola had previously served as councilman for a few month to replace Larry DiNardo who resigned his office when he moved out of the Borough in 2010. Mr. Meola won by over 100 votes with 332 for him and 213 for Patricia Jordan.