Halloween On Bender Avenue

A young couple that recently purchased a home on Bender Avenue hoped they were ready for the wave that was to come. The wife, who lived on the west end of town and herself used to come to Bender Avenue for years, used one word to describe the annual celebration to her husband, “Wait.”

Seeing the thousands of people for the first time, her husband is now a believer in what has become the most popular Halloween spot in Union County, perhaps even New Jersey.

Another homeowner who used to live in Elizabeth now shares in the generosity with others who now come to their door to trick or treat. Even those visiting relatives, like a couple from Little Ferry, were amazed at the turnout and even went on an emergency run to CVS to pick up more candy to pitch in.

There were as many different costumes as there were families. Many children had movie costumes and even some parents and adults got in on the festivities by dressing up, including a pregnant woman wearing an oven who called her costumeĀ  ‘A Bun In the Oven’, a group of mimes, and an 8-foot tall Frankenstein monster.

Halloween Central, as it’s been called, was filled with many who commented that it’s not only fun but also a safe place to take their family. The Roselle Park police had blockades to keep the trick-or-treaters safe during the 4-hour event. Many people expressed a heartfelt thanks to the residents of Bender Avenue for the time spent on decorations and their generosity.

Until next year.

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