Graffiti “Tagging” Advisory

Roselle Park Police Chief Paul W. Morrison would like to advise residents that Roselle Park is experiencing an increase of incidents of graffiti “tagging”. Residents and business owners are urged to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals loitering and/or remaining in areas that may be likely targeted. Police should also be contacted when new graffiti is discovered so that the “tag” can be documented.

In addition, graffiti “tags” tend to attract additional “taggers” so property owners are reminded and urged to remove the graffiti immediately after it is reported to police and documented in order to deter any additional “tagging”.

November 23, 20107:29 a.m.Sherman School, East Grant Avenue
November 23, 20108:33 a.m.400 block of East Grant Avenue
November 23, 201010:32 a.m.500 block of East Grant Avenue
November 23, 20103:02 p.m.500 block of Laurel Avenue
November 24, 20109:20 a.m.200 block of West Webster Avenue