Governing Body To Rework Ordinances On Signs And Fences

Two ordinances are being revised by the governing body – one to address businesses and the other homeowners – and were introduce by Mayor & Council at their February 5th regular meeting.

Ordinance 2433 will permit flashing/fluttering/moving signs with regulations that they be limited to the front of buildings or on a free-standing pole along with a few other restrictions. There is some confusion in the proposed amendment due to the fact that section 40-3002-C-5, included in the ordinance (see below), allows the aforementioned signs – with certain restrictions – but in the following section (40-3002-1), such signs are explicitly restricted.

40-3002-1 Prohibited Signs and Sign Activities

Flashing, fluttering, animated, moving, vibrating, sequential tracer, rotating or revolving signs, except for barber poles; all municipal and board of education building [sic] shall be exempt.

A review of the current code does not have the wording that exempts government buildings and it appears that the three (3) approved sign types were not removed from the new proposed law.

Ordinance 2434 raises the height restriction on fences from 6 ft. to 8 ft. The existing height has been a criticism of some residents for years as being too low. Additionally, the proposed law will allow for a replacement of pre-existing non-conforming fences due to maintenance with the provision that the original footprint and height of the fence remain the same. Previously, property owners would need to go before the Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB), at considerable expense, to have such work done. Permits will still be necessary for such work.

Both ordinances are scheduled to go before the MLUB for their recommendations before returning to the governing body for approval and adoption.